Switch and 4-20 mA Transmitters
for Analogue Gauges

What is e-Gauge®?

e-Gauge uses the very latest inductive technology to read the position of the pointer on any gauge and provide a singular digital switch output with a 4/20mA output.

e-Gauge is a non contact device and has been designed to be retro fitted. Suitable for damping, deadbands and non linear devices.

Why use e-Gauge®?

Compatible with all Gauges

e-Gauge® technology is compatible with all types of gauges, which allows for a simple installation on existing instrumentation.

Works with Glycerine filled Gauges

Many applications demand the features of a glycerine filled gauge, e-Gauge® is designed to work with both dry and filled gauges.

4-20mA Output

The output of e-Gauge® is 4-20mA which is the most widely used signal in process applications.

Simple to fit

To fit e-Gauge® you need only change the pointer and the glass – no need to change or drill the case or the dial.

How to purchase e-Gauge®

The Precision 21 Group